Kaga:create needs you to help support youth at the Sacred Stone Camp, Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota.

When we at kaga: create learned that there are over 200 youth under the age of 19 at the Sacred Stone Camp in North Dakota it became apparent that our organization had an opportunity to grow our impact and partner with local leaders and community members. We began by providing a small amount of funding for art therapy, but we believe that much more is required of us in providing youth a voice through artistic expression.

We are going further by providing individualized kaga art kits that will include all necessary supplies for creative design and expression and art therapy. Kaga art kits will be specially packaged and prepared with care so each indigenous youth who receives them will be sure to know that they are respected and honored.

Kaga: create is ready to provide drawstring backpacks and weather-proof packaging, but we need you to help us fill them with the creative items that have been thoughtfully chosen. This is where you come in!

Your contribution will directly support the purchase of creative art items to be packaged in drawstring backpacks and weatherproof containers. Our goal is to reach each and every child and teen at Sacred Stone Camp - 200 filled backpacks.

Every backpack will have a note tucked inside with the words "you are honored" - and your name will be handwritten on that card.  So for every $20 dollars you give,one complete kaga art kit will be prepared and shipped directly to Sacred Stone Camp.

Poetry and story-writing kits will be prepped with a journal, pencils, and colored pens.

Medicine bag kits will be prepped with with leather, beads, needles and cedar.

Painting and drawing kits will be prepped with water color pencils, oil pastels, and drawing paper.

Young artist kits will be prepped with construction paper, glue, safety scissors, crayons, and an artist notebook.

Will you join kaga: create and take a stand for the Sacred Stone Camp youth at Standing Rock?

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